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Everything you need to know about Voco.

What is Voco?
How does Voco support people?
Who is Voco for?
Why does Voco match peers?
Can Voco be used to match people within organisations or existing communities?
How are Voco members matched?
Can I try it for free?
Who else is a Voco member?
How much does it cost to join Voco and what do I get?
How does Voco work?
What is expected of Voco members?
What about senior people? Are they mentors?
How many matches can I have?
How many ongoing connections can a member have?
What if I want to continue to talk to someone but they don’t want to?
How do I set my goals?
How much time do members commit to Voco?
How much does Voco cost?
Why is Voco called Voco?

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